Traveler Testimonials

“Visiting the gorillas was one of the best experiences of my life. Arranging my trip with Rafiki Adventures was smooth and efficient with great customer service. Joseph was an excellent host/guide answering our many inquiries about life and culture in Uganda. He escorted us safely to our accommodation in the evening, and booked us for the best Gorilla group to visit! Karim, our driver, frequently stopped to show and explain many varieties of Ugandan wildlife en route to and from Kampala. Karim also appeared to make friends to every one he met along the way and other drivers in the park. Everyone was very kind and friendly. We hope to plan a Jinja trip with Rafiki Adventures and may be another trip next time I am in Uganda.”

Rebecca A.


“It was very fun, I saw even more animals than I expected. The places we stopped to eat and rest were very nice. I felt like there was a good balance between activity and rest. It was a great chance to see all of Uganda’s beautiful nature!”

Michelle C.

Texas, USA

“This Safari was a once in a life time experience and Rafiki Adventures made it memorable, enjoyable, and exciting. The van and driver were wonderful. Joseph has been a fantastic host and guide, always seeking our enjoyment. It was because of him that the trip has gone so smoothly and I have enjoyed every meal, hotel and Safari trip (both driving and the boat ride). Thanks you for such a memorable experience!” 

Kelsey A.

Texas, USA

“Our guide made the experience that much better as he is amazing at spotting animals. His driving skill is impeccable and the knowledge that he was able to share was awesome!”

Diana L.

New York, USA

“Loved every second! Rafiki Adventures allowed me to get up nice and close to the wild life! And I had an experience I will never forget… Joseph was always very aware of what my needs were. And the information he provided about the park and the animals were well done!”

Thomas M.


“Joseph and Esther were very welcoming and always helped our needs when they surprised us with songs and dance; it made us feel very special. We saw lots of different animals and they would always stop and let us take pictures!”

Danielle B.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther drove us around and kept us entertained. Very good, we saw lots of animals!”

Bryant B.

Texas, USA

“Fast and helpful responses to emails. Pointing out interesting places and animals and answering questions on the drive plus taking care of all the little details of the trip. We had an amazing time on the safari. Everything was planned out well and went very smoothly.”

Courtney P.


“Excellent information and on time, polite in every aspect.Our guide went overboard in trying to find various animals. He was extremely wise and courteous. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!”

Red M.

California, USA

“It was actually a great Safari with Rafiki Adventures. You made everything very comfortable. It was a great trip that I would definitely do again. Thanks!” 

Becky J.

Toronto, Canada

“Very good! Our guide Baker was very knowledgeable of the Safari and wild life. Overall Rafiki Adventures was a pleasure to have the safari with, Baker was a pleasure and am happy to have had him with us!”

Tracy L.

New York, USA

“Joseph and Obed were respectful of our needs and wants. They were extremely friendly, polite and the activities were well planned. We are very confident we picked the right company and the right people for the job. All the above plus an adventure of a lifetime and it was great knowing a head of time that they were brothers in Christ had our best interest. God has blessed us with awesome tours, seeing many animals and new lifetime friends. Hope God has a plan for us to return someday! We shall recommend Rafiki Adventures without a doubt!”

Pastor Garry

Minnesota, USA

“Joseph and Esther did a wonderful job in being hospitable to us while on the bus ride. They were very knowledgeable about the terrain and wildlife in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.”

Jeff K.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther were all so nice and helpful; we had so much fun with them. Amazing! Had so much fun, will never forget!”


Annika B.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther answered all questions, fine organization and planning always courteous and polite. Wonderful experience, loved seeing more of Uganda countryside and culture. Seeing animals in the wild was amazing!”

Daniel B.

Texas, USA

“Joseph came with us the first half and we thought that was nice as he took care of all our needs. He emailed me many times to answer all of my questions. Karim was a perfect guide in every way. Always on time. It was wonderful to meet you both. Fulfilled a life long dream, thank you!”

Sandie M.

California, USA

“Looked after everything concerning me very well – like stuff to bring and where to go. Customer care was excellent. All in all a great experience!”



“The Safari was very enjoyable. Getting to see the different animals was a great experience!”


Toronto, Canada

“The tour was fun, very pleased with the experience!”

Alyson Y.

New York, USA

“We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Rafiki Adventures Joseph, Esther and Godfrey did an excellent job of caring for every detail of our trip pleasantly and efficiently. We feel so blessed by the experience we have had with Rafiki Adventures and new friends we’ve made with their staff!” 

Tracy R.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther were always excited and filled with joy, never irritated at all!  It was great especially the boat safari!”

Cade K.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther talked to us and explained villages and cultures. It was very enjoyable.”

Josh C.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther were extremely helpful and always smiling and they were very easy to talk to and were easier to engage in conversation. I can’t see any group going out with them and not enjoying it.”

Vam T.

Texas, USA

“Great service all the time, wonderful attitude, very helpful, and attentive. Our guide was very helpful and great! The lodging was great as well!”

Jessie K.

Atlanta, Georgia

“They provided me with good info and they really helped us see all the animals!”


Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther had great hospitality and we loved seeing the animals, the guides did good at informing us on animals!”

Grant K.

Texas, USA

“Both Joseph and our driver always went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. Also always being on time was a big plus. You guys are so much fun, thanks for everything – it was amazing! You guys are great and everything was perfect.”

Brianna M.

California, USA

“You’re doing it right. Karim, our driver/guide, was courteous, polite, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

John & Jill S.


“He worked hard to meet our needs, its not always easy to find good services in Uganda but He definitely worked hard to meet our needs. As for the tour, it was amazing!  Baker was incredible good at spotting animals while driving, especially the lions. Overall I felt that Rafiki Adventures definitely provided a personal, friendly and knowledgeable experience and I will definitely recommend them.”

Sonja K.

New York, USA

“Baker was a great fantastic driver and a tour guide!”

Naja G.

New York, USA

“Our service was wonderful and we were treated with up most respect. Joseph and Esther took great care of us and made the entire experience very fun. It was very memorable experience I would never forget!”

Becky B.

Texas, USA

“Our guides were very professional and kind. They did an exemplary job taking care of us and entertaining us!”

Justin S.

Texas, USA

“Seeing the cool animals was super interesting!”

Chloe K.

Texas, USA

“Joseph and Esther were wonderfully polite, social and attentive. Loved the safari especially the water part!”

Deidre K.

Texas, USA

“Joseph was pleasant, helpful and patient. We enjoyed it very much!”

Ruth D.

Atlanta, Georgia

“We had a wonderful trip. Our guide was very knowledgeable and very cooperative in stopping for photos, helping us with understanding menus, cultural customs, etc. Joseph made sure were safe and comfortable and the driver was excellent. All activities were outstanding, lodging and food was very good.”

Janice W.

Atlanta, Georgia

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